Chill Opaque Drops


CHILL DROPS TR (TRANSPARENT) AND OP (OPAQUE) are high quality epoxy base reactive pigments to use with our different CHILL EPOXY™ solutions. Without any VOC, alcohol, water and totally reactive, in opposition of what is actually offered in the market, the CHILL DROPS TRANSPARENT and CHILL DROPS OPAQUE are the only recommended pigments to use with the CHILL EPOXY solutions for a pure long lasting color.

  • Best for adding a solid pigment to epoxy
  • Highly concentrated color pigments
  • Bright and Pure colors
  • Compatible with all CHILL EPOXY Products
  • Excellent resistance to UV Rays
  • Can be used with other solutions/crafts
  • Choose from multiple color options
  • Available in 4oz bottles Commonly used in live edge woodworking to add solid, opaque colored pigment to epoxy. Works best for projects that need a solid epoxy color-fill.

Store CHILL DROP OPAQUE on a shelf (do not store directly on the floor) @ 22C (72F) with relative humidity less than 60%. A cold environment will increase the viscosity of the pigment and a warmer environment will decrease it. This is an extremely concentrated color pigment. We suggest the user to determine the amount of pigment to add to the mixture by adding gradually a few drops to the mixture A/B.

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Burgundy, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Yellow, Black, Grey, Olive, Purple, Green