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What’s most important to Barn Born Furniture is that you’re satisfied with your custom furniture project. When you’re ready to start your design, we’ll spend time talking to you to make sure we really understand your vision. Then, we work with you to carefully choose our materials and collaborators so we get all of the details just right.

Choose A Wood Slab

Step 1

Choose Your Wood

Most of our wood is sourced locally in Pennsylvania or within the USA. Slabs come in all shapes, species, and sizes. Our team will work with you to find the perfect slabs for your project. Many of our custom  furniture designs have been created with black walnut, solid sycamore, curly maple, cypress, white oak, and white pine. 

Choose A Wood Slab

Step 2

Select Epoxy & Finish

We’ll walk through this section with you by providing options and information that will best fit the purpose of your custom furniture project. All of our products are finished with a satin Osmo hard wax oil that is buffed on. The hard wax allows for a natural finish that maintains the authenticity of the wood.

Choose A Wood Slab

Step 3

Choose Your Base

We’ll help you choose from a wide selection of table base options that will complement your home decor and the wood species you choose. We’ve created various custom designs with wooden, brushed brass, and powder-coated steel bases to match our customers’ imagination and style. However, many other options are available! 

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Barn Born Furniture designs and builds dining tables, coffee tables, countertops, beds, desks, & charcuterie boards from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take from start to finish?

All pieces crafted at Barn Born Furniture are unique to you and the only one of its kind. Typically it takes between 4 to 8 weeks to finish your piece.

Where is our wood sourced from?

Most of our wood is sourced locally in PA or within the USA.

What is your return policy?

Barn Born Furniture does not accept returns for customized wooden pieces. The exception may be if your piece is damaged during shipment at our discretion. Please contact us for further discussion.

Is there a warranty for custom pieces?
Yes, we offer a six month warranty on our custom pieces. If an issue arises with your furniture, please send us a photo so we can determine the issue. As long as all instructions for care have been followed (this is determined by Barn Born Furniture) the issue may be covered. If the issue is due to lack of proper care and maintenance, the item will not be covered under warranty.If the damage is covered under warranty, we will either repair the damage, or pay for the return shipment of the table and the shipping cost to send the item back to you.
How do I care for my furniture?

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What's the best environment for Barn Born Furniture?

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Does Barn Born Furniture ensure my furniture delivery?

Yes, every piece that leaves the shop is insured against damage.

What is Epoxy?

Any of a class of adhesives, plastics or other materials that are polymers of epoxides. Typically used in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics, paints coatings, primers and sealers, flooring and other products and materials that are used in building and construction applications.

Does Epoxy hold up?

Epoxy is extremely strong and has great flexural strength.

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