Barn Born Furniture's Hand Raised Barn

Our History

The Barn was established in the Summer of 2015. Kris and Chris, with the occasional help of two good friends (Adam McCoy and John Weston) raised the barn by hand. Prior to the Barn, there was a rickety, barely roofed, falling down smaller barn. Through many hours of hard work and craftsmanship the old barn was torn down and bit by bit the guys built this new space into a full-fledged workshop and multipurpose area. It took vision, many hours, and a lot of dedicated hard work to make it into what it is today.

Where Work Meets Family

Currently, it is primarily a space for business and handcrafting the pieces for Barn Born Furniture. But it is also a place for family and community (which may be a little unconventional for most, but it is what Barn Born Furniture is all about.) We’ve shared many Thanksgivings, Christmas,’ birthdays, barbecues, game nights with family and friends in the barn. It’s also a place where we can share our passion for what we are creating with others! 

We hope that one day you will want the opportunity to come visit us at the barn where we can talk about your custom piece and share community.