The Kinter Family

Kris Kinter Co-Owner Of Barn Born Furniture

Meet Kris

Kris has dreamt for many years of one day transitioning from full time contractor to full time craftsman at the shop. He has been in the contracting business for over 35 years, operating his own company for over 15 of those years. He often had return clients due to his attention to detail and high standards of how the job is executed. One client stated, “Kris was always one step ahead, anticipating and communicating any potential problem areas and finding solutions making the project run smoothly.” His extensive knowledge gained over the years is essential in crafting expert quality furniture. Outside of crafting, Kris enjoys supporting local small business, time with his family, including his daughter and two additional sons. As well as partaking in an IPA on Friday evenings with friends. Kris appreciates nature and the inspiring beauty it provides. He’s a passionate beekeeper and enjoys sharing his love for bees as well as their delicious honey.

Chris Kinter Co-Owner Of Barn Born Furniture

Meet Chris

Chris also has many years in the contracting business learning the trade alongside his father. He has learned and applies the same level of attention to detail and expert craftsmanship when executing a project. Chris has a unique talent for putting to paper the designs he envisions. This talent is often used when designing custom rooms or furniture. When he’s not working Chris enjoys spending time with family and friends around a campfire and a good airsoft game with his buddies.

About Kaity Kinter Co-Owner Of Barn Born Furniture

Meet Kaity

Kaity is the (behind the scenes) genius that makes our business function. She is a social media specialist who, through her photography, videography, and creative editing, gives the world a glimpse into the Barn Born Furniture family and the work they create. Kaity is often new customers’ first point of contact. She has a genuine interest in helping everyone find what they’re looking for, and her warmth and kindness are infectious. She also has a great eye for color that plays a major role in ensuring customers are satisfied with the final look of their orders. Without her, we’d just be two guys making stuff in a barn, with no one to see it or sell it to.