Wood is a natural product. Just like us humans, as your Barn Born Furniture purchase ages it evolves through time, and its environment. If it’s properly cared for, your furniture will live longer than you do!

We take great care during the manufacturing process in handling and shaping and finishing the furniture we build for you. After it leaves our shop, it’s up to you to treat it with the same respect. Subjecting your furniture to hot or cold temperatures (below 65 or above 75 degrees Fahrenheit) for prolonged periods will negatively impact its appearance and lifespan. Similarly, it’s very important to store your furniture in an environment with neutral humidity (ideally, between 38-45% relative humidity). Light is another natural enemy; prolonged exposure to sunlight (if a table is directly in front of a window, for instance) can both dry out your piece and cause it to discolor.

There are a few additional rules to keep in mind when using your furniture. First, placing extremely hot or cold serving dishes or plates directly on the wood’s surface is harmful, as is allowing moisture to accumulate there. Although the oil finish we use is water resistant (e.g., if you spill something on it, you can wipe it up without damaging the surface), it is not waterproof. Additionally, the surface of the furniture is susceptible to damaging if it’s handled or treated carelessly. Even with normal use, dents, dings, and scratches are likely appear through time.

To properly care for your purchase and prolong its life, we recommend that you do the following: (1) maintain the temperature and humidity of the space where you display, use, and/or store your furniture; (2) if you’re changing the storage conditions (such as with the change in seasons), try to do so slowly; (3) do not subject your furniture to prolonged exposure to sunlight; pick a spot that’s either shaded or partially shaded; (4) clean the surfaces of your furniture with the recommended product(s) REGULARLY; (5) periodically reapply an additional coat of oil to help maintain the product’s moisture and protect the surface( this should only need done years down the road ). Regular cleaning should be done with a damp cloth (not soaking wet). Bimonthly you can clean with “OSMO Spray Cleaner”. It contains some of the same oils that are in the Hard-Wax Oil we use.

Finally, note that wood moves and changes naturally through time, even when stored in regulated environments and when well cared for. Small cracks commonly appear in live edges, in/around knots and other natural imperfections, and in/around the tree’s center (pith). You may observe a small amount of “unevenness” at joints where the wood and epoxy meet; this is also common as seasons change and as the wood moves and ages.

Thank you for giving us the chance to place a piece of art in your home,

The Barn Born Furniture Team