P-Tec 8400


P-TEC 8400™ is a 100% solid, thixotropic and low density polyurethane repair paste for the repairing of wood. This product is used for fast repairing of CNC machined molds or prototypes made out from polyurethane boards or wood which show fissures, voids or any defects to the surface. The P-TEC 8400™ can also be of good help to repair damaged edges and design modification. This product can also be used as an adhesive to structurally assemble polyurethane boards and wooden panels among others.

  • Best for repairing/filling voids, defects, cracks in the wood
  • 2-component kit (1A/1B) Ratio 1:1
  • Solid, thixotropic polyurethane paste
  • 250ml resealable kit
  • Fast setting time of 12 minutes
  • No shrinkage / No odor / FOOD SAFE
  • Fast and easy sanding process
  • Can be applied on many surfaces
  • Available in Beige, Cognac, and Black
  • Beige can be colored with our CHILL DROPS! Commonly used in woodworking for repairing damages to the wood surface and/or edge.

Both parts must be thoroughly mixed according to the mixing ratio indicated on this technical data sheet. Before use, check that the support is free of any dust, grease or pollution. During processing, pot life and time before sanding may vary depending on the ambient temperature. The exothermic that will develop during hardening varies with the thickness of product applied, up to a maximal value of 79ºC (174ºF)

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Beige, Cognac, Black